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#10 reliable recommendations of quietest tires for SUV.

Here you will find real customer reviews for several of the quietest tires for SUV.

I and my team have done deep research to collect accurate feedback for each tire below. Rather than my own experience with some of the following tires. you will find both customers’ positive and negative opinions of each product so that you can choose between them fairly.

I have chosen the  BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 Radial to be the quietest tires for SUV. The tire has confident metrics in terms of noise-road canceling besides comfortable riding quality.

If you are an SUV vehicle owner, you will find the quiet tire for your car according to your needs. but keep in mind to balance between comfort riding advantage and tire performance in off-road, rainy, and snow surfaces.

At the end of the article, you will get another 3 trusted alternatives for the quietest tires for SUV so, let`s go.

7 quietest tires for SUV.

After conducting intensive research on a marvelous number of customers’ experiences.  we have reached the result of the best quiet tires for your SUV that meet your needs for noise reduction and a comfortable driving experience.

#1. BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 Radial. 

typeOff road-all terrain
Dry traction9.4
Wet traction8.7
Ice traction8
RIM diameter15’’ to 22’’
photo: tirerack

BFGoodrich T/A KO2 refers to ‘’ key benefit ON-and Off-roads. the 2 is for 2nd generation’’  mainly for jeeps, SUVs, pickup trucks, and sports performance.

The Core Gard Technology: tires are designed with aggressive high-void tread patterns and interlocking blocks to perform satisfactorily in off-road conditions like rocks, sand, and mud.

Also, BFGoodrich T/A KO2 is featured with special 3-D sipes technology and multiple loose object ejections that give them a perfect performance on gravel roads to reject stone retention with diminished noise.

The armor upper shoulder of the tire sidewall with saw-edged design gives the tire more traction properties and steering control on off-road driving.

However, BFGoodrich T/A KO2 meets the standard for snow service requirements and is stamped with the three-peak mountain snowflakes (3PMSF) symbol, many customers complain of a tire losing traction on rainy and snowy surfaces.

Perfect quiet tire.Average attraction in snow and rain.
Excellent handling of graveling roads.A challenge in balance due to its heavy weight.
Trust driving in mud and sandy conditions.

#2. MICHELIN Defender LTX M/S All-Season Tires.

typeHighway All-Season 
Dry traction9.5
Wet traction9.2
Ice traction7.9
RIM diameter15’’ to 22’’
photo: Michelin

MICHELIN Defender LTX M/S offers both advantages of long tread life with a quiet smooth driving experience.

The ever-tread compound of the tire improves its longevity in hard conditions and makes it the optimum choice for modern trucks. 

Not only the feature of symmetric tread design with 3-D active sipes to promote both no road noise and dry traction in inclement conditions. but also 4-wide circumferential channels with multiple lateral grooves that enhance water evacuation and offer excellent wet traction.

Unfortunately, some customer reviews notice some noise starts to appear after 15000 miles in large-size tires. but still gives road noise reduction in smaller tire sizes.

Due to its outer structure that allows maximum touch to the ground, it distributes braking and cornering forces allowing the tire to promote reliable traction. Also, the internal structure that contains a twin steel belt, makes the tire withstand the heavy load of the truck.

Good fuel consumption.Doesn’t meet severe snow traction requirements.
Hard construction and high longevity.Noise appears after 15000 km in large-size tires.
Good wet and dry traction.


typeAll terrain-non winter 
Dry traction9.4
Wet traction9.2
Ice traction8.2
RIM diameter15’’ to 21’’

The tire compound is enriched with silica components with symmetric patterns that improve durability over different conditions and temperatures.

WILDPEAK A/T tire symbolized with three peak mountain flakes, offers good performance in light snow. However, in wet traction, it offers average performance.

 Eventually, the 3D canyon sipes enhance tire stability in all conditions.

Also, the tire shoulders tough construction that provides the tire with the required strength to prevent damage from off-road driving. The two polyester plies and twin steel belts provide support to the tread zone and improve durability.

The test drive reports very impressive road noise elimination on coarse surfaces like crosscut concrete. In addition to noise complete disappearance in smooth asphalt.

Experts recommend WILDPEAK A/T TRAIL for crossovers and SUVs who can crave adventure and want tires to withstand hard conditions to explore off-roads.

Confident dry traction.Average winter traction
Excellent off-road performance.
Perfect handling response.

#4. Pirelli Scorpion Weather Active.

typeCrossover/SUV Touring All-Season
Dry traction9.6
Wet traction9.5
Ice traction8.7
RIM diameter18’’ to 22’’

 Although the Pirelli scorpion weather active model is new in the market, it can gain a lot of fans in a very short time. This is because it is amazing comfortable riding with very impressive quietness. The tire is mainly designed for CUV and SUV drivers looking for confident performance in wet, dry, and light snow conditions.

In terms of snow traction, the tire gets a three-peak mountain snowflake symbol which indicates good attraction in snow weather. This is due to multiple biting edges, deep sipes, and shoulder teeth, all working together to enhance snow traction. 

In terms of dry performance, the tire tread pattern is designed in the form of V directions. Besides, the resin and polymer components of the tires will give you great performance in both dry and wet manners. Many experts show their satisfaction with the tire, particularly in the wintertime.

The tread block has a narrow-long footprint and strong 3-rib that promotes lateral traction, offering confident stability through cornering and turns in dry and wet surfaces. Also, this 3-rib helps in the longevity of the tire.

 According to the actual test conducted by experts, the tire performed well like it was a new one Even with 90% or 70% of the tread left.

In terms of wet traction, if you look at the Pirelli scorpion tread, you will see the zig-zag grooves in the center and trumpet lateral grooves that evacuate the surrounding water. so it acts well in wet weather and hydroplaning performance.

In terms of quietness, the V-shaped design helps the tire supply a comfortable experience with no road sound. the tire offers a superior score compared to leading competitors by 2 dB ( decibel levels that measure tire noise on a logarithmic scale)

In terms of rigidity, the internal scorpion construction includes a casing of two-ply polyester with two steel belts and two strong polyamide piles to ensure rigidity and stability at high speeds. So it makes the tires with long and uniform wear.

Experienced quality of riding.Not categorized as a true winter tire.
Excellent steering response& mid-corner performance.
Very smooth and quietest tire in its category.
Quick response.

#5. Continental Cross Contact LX20.

typeSUV touring all season
Dry traction9
Wet traction8.7
Ice traction6.9
RIM diameter15’’ to 22’’

Continental Cross Contact LX20 implements Eco Plus Technology that plays a significant role in fuel economy and high braking performance. also, the Tg-F polymers and silane additives help improve fuel consumption and provide good traction on slippery roads.

The manufacturer makes the tires with a symmetric tread design and intermediate tread blocks that contain centralized ribs, all these features promote the stability of the vehicle in a straight line with almost no noise to give you satisfied riding quality.

They are also interested in avoiding the possibility of damage to the wheel caused by the curb so they provide the tire with a flanged lower sidewall.

Experts recommend Continental Cross Contact LX20 tire for crossover, light-duty trucks that mainly run on highways and in mild off-road conditions.

noticeable fuel efficiency.Low snow traction.
Comfort riding experience.Treadwear does not last long.
Smooth silent tire.Average steering response.


typeGrand touring all-season.
Dry traction9
Wet traction8.4
Ice traction5.2
RIM diameter17’’ to 20’’
            Photo.Canadian tire.

Expert categorized MICHELIN Primacy MXM4 for luxury vehicle drivers who seeking to combine smooth riding quality and handling with low road noise and comfort riding. Based on my experience, this tire is the best choice for BMW X series and Mercedes owners.

The tire has a positive impact on the environment. It meets the green X standard, it has low rolling resistance so it confirms its advantage of fuel efficiency and low CO2 emission.

In terms of wet surface performance: MICHELIN Primacy MXM4 implements Helio compound technology in their manufacturing that enriches with sunflower oil, this component or technology is supposed to deliver improved braking and handling performance at low temperatures and wet surfaces.

Primacy MXM4 can evacuate the water out of the tire to reduce hydroplaning, this is because of the circumferential grooves between tire treads. With this tire, you will not be experienced with wet surface slipping because of its 3-D different thickness sipes.

If you look at the tire, you will see the shoulder is a rounder shape design so it gives the driver perfect stability at the cornering and turns.

However, the tire shows a disappointing performance in the snow traction test.

In terms of durability, the manufacturer makes the tire with twin steel belts and polyamide cords in its internal structure to withstand high speeds and improve tire tread longevity. However, the majority of users show their dissatisfaction with low tread life.

In terms of noise reduction. The inner liner of the tire is covered with a foam layer that absorbs any sound released, so it delivers comfortable riding with no road noise. truly, this advantage is the most reputable feedback that I have noticed in several customer reviews.

Good fuel efficiency.Fast wears tire tread.
Comfortable smooth riding and quiet mode.Bad snow traction.
Responsive handling.

#7. Toyo open country AT III.

typeOff-Road All-Terrain
Dry traction9.4
Wet traction8.8
Ice traction8.1
RIM diameter15’’ to 22’’

Toyo Open Country AT3 is a good option for SUVs, jeeps, and crossovers as it combines great off-road benefits with on-road handling.

In terms of snow traction: Toyo Open Country AT III gets the symbol of a three-peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF) symbol due to its lateral grooves. this gives it a feature of fresh snow traction.

In terms of off-road traction: Toyo Open Country tire`s tread is designed symmetrically with cut and chip-resistant compound, a feature that gives the tire the ability for good performance at off-road traction, in addition to the stability and perfect dry handling due to the evenly distributed void areas through the tire tread. The tire shows surprising absorption for road imperfections on – on-road metrics scores.

With this tire, you will not complain about the stones and rocks stuck in your tire grooves due to its stone ejectors within the grooves that force any debris out of the tire.

In terms of wet traction: although the 3-D multi wave sipes are spread through the tire tread, the actual experiments come with the opposite opinion of low wet traction performance.

Some customer reviews wish that the tire had an additional wet grip. It doesn’t match the capability of a true winter tire.

In terms of durability: Toyo Open Country AT3 features a two-ply polyester casing, steel belts, and nylon ply to give the tire rigidity for high-speed capability. Also, the resistant cut and chips that help on off-road traction, have another benefit to prolong the tire`s tread life.

A reliable tire with respectful longevity.Average performance in rainy weather.
Confident performance in off-road conditions.Not confident grip in hard-pack conditions.
Strong choice in dry condition with excellent dry handling.Mild quiet tire particularly at high speeds.

#3 Interested alternatives of quietest tire for SUV.

Michelin Cross Climate 2.

One of the amazing grand touring all-season tires for SUVs to combine both dry, wet great traction, and snow performance. The (3PMSF) symbol due to the thermal adaptive tread compound provides the tire with confident performance in snow. The tire advantage that emphasized by major customer reviews.

The V-shaped tread design significantly helps in providing satisfactory traction in all weather conditions. Also, V ramp chamfers in the tread edges make the tire withstand heavy loads as they increase the contact surface to the ground and so reliable braking traction.

Steep angles in the tread pattern can easily evacuate surrounding water and give the tire-influenced hydroplaning resistance and a confident wet surface grip.

Based on user feedback after 20-30k miles, they have denied the road noise disadvantage which becomes loud at high speed. However, it is still relatively quieter than other non-silent tires. because of its PIANO noise reduction tuning, which helps tune out airborne noise. Also, they don’t like the noticeable drop in fuel efficiency as some users claim a drop in fuel consumption from 42 mpg to 38 mpg once they install the tire.

In brief, MICHELIN Cross Climate ii offers rigidity, proven wet and dry traction, and amazing snow performance but it becomes loud at high speeds and notices higher fuel consumption.

grabber ATX’s

Grabber ATX`S is an off-road all-terrain tire for a driver who seeks confident performance in dirt, sand, wet, or even light snow conditions. It acquired the 3PMSF symbol for light snow traction. Users who have experience with off-roads, show tire benefits toward the ejection of the rock and stones out of the tire due to stone bumpers between shoulder blocks.

The tire has a wide tread area to provide stiffness and distribute the heavy load and pressure to ensure longevity. The manufacturer implements DuraGen technology that uses ultra steel belts, two-ply polyester casing, and two polyamide plies in the tire`s internal construction to promote high-speed capability and durability. On the other hand, this strong internal construction of the tire makes it heavy and difficult to balance.

The tire gets an absorption layer under the tread with an acoustic tread pattern, giving the tire a comfortable ride and a quieter experience.

Yokohama Parada Spec-X

From a practical angle, Yokohama Parada Spec-X is the optimum option for SUVs and pickups. Also muscle car owners such as Dodge chargers like this tire. Personally, my friend has great experience with this tire in terms of quietness and comfortable riding in his Volvo XC90.

You will observe the directional tread design, different sizes of tread blocks among the tread area, and two central ribs along the tire. All of this contributes together to ensure braking and cornering performance. However several users are experienced with short tire tread life.

 Based on customer feedback, The tire resists hydroplaning on wet surfaces due to its wide circumferential center grooves and sweeping lateral grooves.

How do you pick the quietest tires for SUVs?

Finding a quiet tire takes work, especially if you want to combine performance and longevity advantages. I have collected the following tips from experts’ behavior when they are willing to pay for a quiet tire.

Read tire size and load index.

The first step is to select the right tire size that perfectly fits your vehicle. This significantly improves the quietness of the tire.

Tires with higher load index are likely to be quieter.

Research Tire reviews of quietest tires for suv.

Reading tire reviews and ratings from one of the trusted sellers. It will help you pick the most suitable one for your vehicle. Pay attention to noise and comfort scores to be above 90%.

Don’t buy unfamiliar brands due to their affordable price. Always stick to known brands.

Check tire design.

some tires are designed with noise reduction technology containing a thick foam layer to dampen the road noise.

Tires with aggressive tread in all-terrain tires always generate road noise however it is designed for traction performance improvement.

The important practical point of view. 

When you select a quiet tire, think about the type of road you often drive on. whether it is a highway, city road, or any other type. this helps you to pay attention to other factors except quiet scores like dry /wet traction score, snow/winter performance score and wear life.

Benefits of using noise-canceling tires.

  • No doubt avoiding rumbling while driving on highways will help you enjoy a comfortable and balanced driving experience with no stress.
  • Most quiet tires have the extra benefit of diminished vibration while driving. it also delivers higher safety as it prevents rocks and debris from getting stuck in the tire tread and so avoids tire damage and puncture.
  • If you travel with friends or family members, it becomes very easy to have interruption-free conversations with them. In addition to enhancing the quality of the vehicle’s sound system due to low surrounding noise.
  • eventually, all noise-canceling tire treads are symmetrically designed to ensure even wear. the material used to diminish the road noise also participates in tire tread longevity.

Why do vehicle tires make noise?

  • Type of road: running on unpaved and coarse roads will likely generate road noise. check other types of road.
  • Type of tire: heavy-duty tires that specialize in running on mud and tough road conditions usually have aggressive tread patterns that generate sound. while noise-cancelling tires have tread designs that absorb road noise.
  • Tire raw material: some tire manufacturers focus mainly on tire durability so they use hard rubber components which negatively affect tire quietness.
  • Speeds: you notice the tire noise will be more noticeable at higher vehicle speeds due to ambient air moving faster.
  • Uneven tire wear: A worn tire alone makes more road tire friction that causes noise. and with uneven tire wear, the tire becomes wavy shaped generating extra road noise. So it is important to regularly rotate and balance your tires.
  • Tire pressure: low tire pressure causes noise even if the tire is a noise-canceling model.
  • Driving habits: of course driving habits like hard braking, and sharp cornering increase tire road noise.

Remember that you can’t get all benefits, it is very tricky to find an all-season, all-terrain tire with silent advantages.

Our verdict.

As an SUV vehicle owner, I know that you may need to combine the capability of tire performance in wet, snow, and off-road conditions plus enjoying a quiet riding experience. I hope we have offered you some tire selections that achieve that equation.

I just remind you of our best selection of  BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 Radial for the quietest tires for SUV which significantly meets your riding goals.

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