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How to Replace TPMS sensor efficiently? very easy.#6 steps to follow.

With simple tools and minimum technician skill, I will provide you with easy steps to replace TPMS sensor by yourself.
replace TPMS sensor

You can replace TPMS sensor (tire pressure monitoring system) by yourself with simple steps. 

  1. remove the wheel and then pull out the valve core.
  2. place the tire under the car sill.
  3. use the wooden part and scissor jack to break the tire bead.
  4. now replace TPMS sensor easily.

I went through the same experience to replace TPMS sensor by myself and want to transfer it to you in detail. So, if you want to find interesting recommendations, check this article. 

● How to replace TPMS sensor by yourself?
● where to replace TPMS sensor?
● How much does it cost to replace TPMS sensor?
● Do you need to replace TPMS sensor when replacing tires?
● Do I have to replace all (4) TPMS sensors when only one sensor has a defect?
● Is it worth replacing the TPMS battery instead of replacing the whole TPMS sensor ?
● What is the TPMS service kit?
● How to replace the valve stem without removing the tire?
● How do you reset the TPMS sensor and when?
● Does filling the tire with nitrogen fix TPMS sensor issues?

Here is my trial to replace TPMS sensor by myself.

  • As I told you it will be great to save some money by replacing the TPMS sensor by yourself and avoid any use by untrusted mechanics.
  • Basically, you will need the following simple tools during the process. 
    • Valve core remover.
    • Scissor pack.
    • Nut remover.
    • WD-40 spray.
    • TPMS programmer if needed.
  • Now we begin
    1. remove the wheel from the vehicle and there is now way to replace the TPMS sensor without removing the tire as some body assumed.
    2. take the valve core out of the stem using valve core tools. So, the air will go out completely from the tire.
    3. Put the tire horizontally under the vehicle sill flange then put a block of wood over the tire side (at the opposite side of the sensor to avoid breaking the old sensor and not to go fishing to pick it up after falling inside the tire). 
    4. Use a scissor jacket over a wooden block and raise it till the tire bead broken so the tire will drop and separate from the rim.
    5. Now you can gently pick up the old sensor by using a nut holder and pay attention not to drop the sensor inside the tire.
    6. Install the new sensor and spray some WD-40 around the tire bead then fill the tire with air till you hear a pop sound that indicates the tire bead is back on.
  • From my experience, because you break the top side of the tire bead only while the other side of the tire is still sealed to the rim, you can’t rotate the rim inside the tire. And if you bought a new TPMS sensor with the same weight as the old one, you will not need to rebalance the tire.
  • make note that if you bought OEM [1] original sensors, you will need simple reprogramming using a TPMS programmer. While if you bought aftermarket sensors you will need to clone the serial number of your original TPMS sensor so the TPMS computer recognizes them. 

Where to replace TPMS sensor?

There are 3 options for you to replace TPMS sensor.

  1. Dealership:
    • However, getting help from dealerships is the most expensive method and may take a long wait time for an appointment. It is still the place you can trust as they have updated equipment, experts, and specialized knowledge about the vehicle model. 
    • For sure the most important point is that they give you a warranty on replacement parts and labor.
  2. Independent mechanic:
    • If you know a mechanic in your area that you permanently deal with, it will be a good idea to replace the TPMS sensor with him as it will cost less than the dealership for about 20 dollars in labor.
    • But you must be aware that there is no or limited warranty for replacement parts and labor.
  3. do it by yourself
    • Actually, I have experience replacing TPMS sensors by myself. All you need is some technician skills that I will teach you in the following points and basic tools to help you to achieve this task.
    • I have saved the money that I would pay for a mechanic or dealership but I was slightly careful of doing something wrong like breaking the new TPMS sensor or damaging the tire so it cost me more 😀.
    • be aware that you might need a specific tool to reprogram the new TPMS sensor.

From my practical point of view, whatever the way you will take to replace the TPMS sensor, you should investigate any recommendations that mechanic tells you. As you lack some technical knowledge, they will mostly use you.

How much does it cost to replace TPMS sensor?

  • You might hear different prices when you ask about the cost to replace TPMS sensor, which probably makes you pay higher than its fair price.
  • generally, the total average cost is from 100-230 dollars per tire.
  • Single TPMS sensor price can range from 50-150 dollars.
  • The average labor cost per tire can range from 50-70 dollars.
  • Eventually, the cost to replace TPMS sensor basically depends on 
    • Type of vehicle brand.
    • Type of TPMS sensor. 
    • The place where you decide to replace TPMS sensor.

Do you need to replace TPMS sensor when replacing tires?

  • Truly speaking, there is no need to replace TPMS sensor when you want to replace the tires. But my experience tells you to replace TPMS sensor at the same time as replacing the tires. But why?
    1. It will be easier and less costly because the tire will be on and off anyway.
    2. New tires have longer lifetime than old TPMS sensors so I prefer to avoid the hassle of replacing the TPMS sensor midway through the tire life cycle.

Do I have to replace all (4) TPMS sensors when only one sensor has a defect?

  • No, you don’t have to replace all sensors in case only one sensor is damaged.
  • But my practical advice is to replace all sensors since the battery condition in all sensors will be the same. and it is considered to be a red flag for rest sensor defects. So, you can avoid extra charges and time-wasting when repeating this maintenance soon.
  • Anyway, TPMS sensors like any vehicle parts have a certain lifetime range from (5-10 years) due to their battery life span.

Is it worth replacing the TPMS battery instead of replacing the whole TPMS sensor?

replace TPMS sensor battery
  • No, it is not worth doing that. You should think effectively about the time and effort you will consume to replace the TPMS battery compared to the money you will save.
  • I have experience with someone who decided to replace the malfunctioned TPMS battery. in the end, he figured out that it wasn’t really worth doing that due to the following reasons:
    • It took him about 2 hrs.
    • You can get a TPMS sensor at affordable prices for about 30-60 dollars.
    • This will never be as reliable as new sensors.
    • It is not easy to find the same battery of old sensors with the same quality.
  • He told me that if he replaces TPMS sensor entirely, it would be more reliable and less expensive than this repair.
  • Anyway, most TPMS sensors don’t have removal batteries as they are designed with built-in batteries so you can’t remove them.

How do mechanics diagnose TPMS sensors? What is the TPMS service kit?

  • It is important to know the services that the mechanic will do while diagnosing TPMS sensor functions to avoid any missing services required.
  • Here are a number of checking points that mechanic do when I ask him to diagnose TPMS sensors.
    1. The mechanic reads the stored information on the vehicle computer to verify the TPMS sensor and system functioning properly and to determine which sensor has the defect.
    2. Check the sealing cap.
    3. Check sensor valve core.
    4. Check nut and grommet stem sealing.
    5. Resetting TPMS sensor and rebalance the tire if needed
  • Personally, I prefer to use a TPMS service kit to replace any defective sealing components of a TPMS sensor before I decide to replace TPMS sensor entirely.
  • One unexpected situation that I faced is after I have checked for all the service points of the TPMS sensor, I found out that the problem is due to slow leaking from the tire! so, my advice to you is to check your tire well and adjust tire pressure before you start to do any maintenance for the TPMS sensor.

How to replace the valve stem without removing the tire and repair the TPMS sensor by yourself?

  • One of the relative issues to TPMS sensors is valve stem. You can replace the valve stem by yourself if you have the required equipment.
  • However the cash you will save if you do it with your hands, my advice to you is if you don’t want to remove the tire, ask some specialists to replace the valve stem for you.
  • If you still intend to replace the TPMS valve stem by yourself without removing the tire, I found the following tutorial video that will teach you the exact steps to do so.
steps to replace valve stem core without removing the tire ( supported by KenToolVideoMedia)

How do you reset the TPMS sensor and when?

  • After the following processes, you must reset the TPMS sensor to ensure that the TPMS sensor recognizes the vehicle computer and functioning properly.
    • After replacing tires.
    • After tire rotation.
    • After you replace TPMS sensor.
  • Follow the below steps to reset TPMS sensor
    1. Make sure that ignition is on. and transmission is in park.
    2. Set the barking brake.
    3. Look at the TPMS icon in the car dashboard then push and hold the TPMS button on the left side of your vehicle until the icon on the screen blinks twice, this means the calibration process will begin.
    4. In Case there is no TPMS button, steps will be done through the TPMS calibration option in the audio display.
    5. You have to drive your car for about 30 minutes at speeds between 30-60 mph but not all at once to complete the calibration.

Does filling the tire with nitrogen play a role in fixing TPMS sensor issues?

  • Definitely not, unfortunately, some tire shops wrongly convince people to fill the tire with nitrogen instead of air to achieve a little profit ! 
  • TPMS issues are mainly related to either TPMS battery drainage or tire leaking.

What is next?

As TPMS sensors play a significant role to alert you for low tire pressure, then from the top priorities to know about hidden causes of low tire pressure.

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